Your Security is Our Top Priority.

We are committed to keeping your information safe and secure.

Below are links to security features on our website, as well some frequently asked questions.

What type of security does TFCU’s Internet Banking use?

TFCU Internet Banking uses an integrated security system to protect your account data from exposure to unauthorized persons. This system is a three-tiered security structure that governs a unique aspect of your TFCU Internet Banking session and transactions with the credit union. This rigid security structure enables you to conduct business with TFCU via the Internet using an extremely high degree of security.

Can anyone from the “outside” access the TFCU Internet Banking database?

At no time does any unauthorized person have access to TFCU’s Internet Banking database via the Internet. Any and all requests for data must pass through a validation center. Each request and answer is logged at each stop through the firewall. Additionally, any suspicious activity is logged and causes an alarm. You should never give anyone your PIN or password. Please keep these numbers in a safe place, away from your computer.

What is encryption?

Encryption occurs for all information going to and from both you and TFCU Internet Banking. Plainly stated, encryption is “scrambling” your information. Encryption takes meaningful text and numbers and scrambles them into numerical nonsense before transmitting them across the Internet. This process uses complex mathematical formulas to create a key that is used to translate the “scrambled” nonsense back into meaningful data. There are billions of potential keys and a different one is used for each on-line session with TFCU Internet Banking. The key to be used is established when the on-line connection is made between your computer and TFCU Internet Banking. Your next on-line session will be a completely different key!

Is my personal account secure?

Your personal account also has additional layers of security surrounding it — your Username and Password. These individual codes are specific to your account-only. Additionally, the TFCU Internet Banking system will automatically lock access to your account should a number of unsuccessful attempts to access your account be made.